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Blue Crush Wave

Painted in a simple but elegant colour palette, Blue Crush wave is a timeless addition to Lamorna Penrose’s collection.



This beautiful wave painting “Blue Crush” by Lamorna Penrose really captures the power of this shore break, painted in a simple but elegant colour palette, this really is a timeless piece.

Sizes stated above are image size, not overall size

Framed Canvas Print 80cm x 100cm (overall is 82cm x 102cm)

Framed Canvas Print 55cm x 70cm (overall is 57cm x 72cm)

(White) Shadow Box Frame 65cm x 65cm (Overall Size is 68cm x 68cm)

(White) Shadow Box Frame 40cm x 40cm (Overall Size is 43cm x 43cm)

At Rowbury we deal directly with all of our artists and take great care from start to finish, doing so means that we can achieve the best quality editions using the latest giclee printing technology.   We control the whole process from digital capture and printing, through to framing and finishing here in Devon, so can guarantee quality throughout the process.

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